A.V.Club: ”Why do pop-culture fans stop caring about new music as they get older?”

av Alexander

”People like us split music into genres and eras, but in reality, music is a continuum, formed by a long chain of artists and songs that—if you choose to follow it—will take you deep into the past or carry you into the future. Listening to “old” and “new” music side by side, in the present tense, re-affirms this view.  For me, when an artist echoes another artist from 20 years ago, I’m hearing traditions being revived and re-shaped, sometimes dramatically, other times more subtly. But it’s all part of a journey through music that’s incredibly rewarding if you don’t allow tastes you established in the 10th grade to hem you in. ”

Intressant artikel hos A.V.Club idag om varför folk slutar intressera sig för ny musik ju äldre de blir – och varför kidsen avfärdar äldre musik.  Intressant, klarsynt och tankvärt. Läs!